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The Wellington Macintosh Society Incorporated, a non-profit organisation and New Zealand's largest Macintosh User Group,
was formed in April 1984 to support Apple Macintosh computer users in Wellington, New Zealand.
We hold meetings to instruct in computing and exchange ideas with other users of Apple Macintosh computers, iPads, & iPhones.

Next Meetings in 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all upcoming WelMac meetings have been taken online.

We will be guided by the rules and recommendations from the government, and aim to resume physical meetings as soon as possible. As an alternative we will find a solution which allows us to run meetings with members joining in from home, via the Internet, currently via Zoom

Stay tuned for further updates via the web site. We will also be notifying members directly.


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"Apple is the technology leader of the personal computer industry, while Microsoft's claim to fame is that it has mastered the skill of copying well."

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